Thank you for your support!

The campaign and election have been wonderful experiences for me. I am so happy with the support received by our City! While I did not win a seat on Council, I am empowered by all the support received. Over 4000 votes is encouraging, and I will most certainly be looking towards the next election in 2025.

So, in the meantime, I plan to continue to do my community work. I will continue volunteering as I always have. I will work on continuing to achieve name recognition. I will be watching Council and signing up to speak as a resident where appropriate. I will continue to advocate for our visible and invisible minorities and marginalized individuals.

What can you do? Let me know if there are issues that affect you that you need support with.

Sign up for the newsletter. I plan on having a simple monthly or every other month newsletter just updating people on what I have been doing.

Once again, thank YOU for your support! Without you, I would not have had the opportunity to reach as many people as I have.

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