St. Albert Gazette Article

This past Wednesday, May 5th, an article was posted in the St. Albert Gazette announcing that I am running for City Council. There has since been a fourth candidate announced. I am thrilled to have entered the race for our fair city’s City Council. I welcome questions and comments from residents and will answer questions both in this blog and on my facebook page. Please like and follow Donna Kawahara for City Council for additional content. I believe that Social Media will be a predominant platform for this upcoming election due to the current Covid-19 situation and there may be little opportunity to meet with residents face to face. Please let me know what is best for connecting! Would you like Facebook Live sessions or YouTube videos to address questions and issues? How else can I connect with you?

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the First Responders – the firefighters, police officers, EMTs, transit staff, nursing staff, care givers, and volunteers for the task of controlling the fire at Citadel Mews last night, for caring for the residents in a timely manner, and ensuring the immediate needs were met. This was an incredible example of how the City of St. Albert is able to manage a crisis well. This is also a great example of how collaboration with our neighbouring cities and communities in our region help to keep all our communities thriving when we can work together and pitch in where needed. The members of our city rallied to provide assistance as needed, and while we all want to jump in and do what we can, it is also appreciated when people wait for the right time to donate in an appropriate manner. For all these things, I thank you. For these things, it is one more reason why I am proud to be a St. Albertan.